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    My site

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    Id banned then no payment in processing. When Id Banned?

    1>if you use third party software; 2>if you try to run multiple instance of the QlinkGroup software client under the same account; 3>if you don't follow the instructions to solve CAPTCHAs as they appear; 4>if you were found typing garbage instead of properly solving CAPTCHAs; 5>if you were kicked out often for not solving CAPTCHAs.
    6> Internet Connection very slow.
    Accounts permanently suspended WILL NOT GET PAID.
    Why Shivati Digital Take 1550 Rs.?
    --+ Regestration Fee                                               50 Rs.
    --+ Give Authorised Software                                 150 Rs.
    --+ Monthly Id give worker for work                        600 Rs.
    --+ 11 Months 24/7 Techenical Support                   750 Rs.
    Total                                                                    1550 Rs.
    Copyright MyCorp © 2020